What We Do

Empatha and our team members offer a full range of services for your specific needs.

Our Services

Contact center services
Test results counseling
Research Study Implementation and Support Training
Research and research support
Survey development and administration
Curriculum design and implementation
Technical assistance programs
Direct consumer response
Educational, Promotional and Study Support Materials
Conference Services

Contact Center Services

Our contact center is one of Empatha’s strongest assets. We start by hiring only the best managers and customer service representatives. We train them to understand the needs as intimately as possible. And we motivate them to deliver only the highest level of service. Our team is well versed in different therapeutic areas and able to quickly recognize and assess the needs of callers. Our commitment to performance on every level, for every customer, sets Empatha apart. Our integrated technology platforms include both inbound and outbound solutions with an available call blending environment that allows representatives to be switched seamlessly between inbound and outbound call campaigns and Web communications, maximizing the efficient use of all available representative resources.

We offer:

  • 24/7/365 Call center operations
  • Multilingual operators
  • Live chat and email
  • Text messaging
  • Health communication, including highly sensitive subjects
  • Test results delivery & counseling
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Information & Referral (many agents are AIRS certified)
  • Information Collection
  • CATI – Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing
  • Data Management
  • Application development-Empatha’s technology team can create customized database to house client’s call scripts, collect and report on predetermined data points set by the client
  • Web design

We also offer specialized expertise in clinical trial support:

  • Script development & IRB submission
  • Trial pre-screening
  • Study enrollment/recruitment
  • Subject retention and compliance
  • Visual observation of experimental medication adherence via videophone technology
  • Site Monitoring

Test Results Counseling

Empatha has the words to help recently diagnosed individuals understand their laboratory test results. We deliver the information the way we would want to hear it ourselves; factually, non-judgmentally, compassionately. Since 1996, we have been key to the success of numerous research studies. For you, our service offers state-of-the-art infrastructure that is ready immediately for long and short-term projects, thereby decreasing your start-up costs. For your patient or study participant, we provide an anonymous setting to deliver information in a professional, knowledgeable, comforting manner that is convenient.

Research Study Implementation and Support Training

Our end-to-end service can enroll your participant, keep your participant informed, schedule participant appointments, which all lead to improved retention in your study. Our in-house expertise in survey methodology is available to support your research studies, from training curriculum development and facilitation to survey questionnaire development and pre-testing, to the development of participant education literature. For you: immediate startup, lower costs, standardized data collection, and we ensure consistent delivery of information. For your participant: we offer confidentiality, convenience, reassurance, and tailored information.

Research and Research Support

Empatha has staff who serve as principal investigators as well as staff who support other investigators in various research projects. Our foremost goal is quality of our services while protecting the rights and welfare of research participants. Emptha has extensive experience in the area of behavioral research and especially working with populations at greatest risk.

Survey development and administration

Empatha conducts online as well as phone based surveys to ascertain participants’ thoughts, feelings as well as anticipated behavior. Often we are delivering sensitive message such as test results during the contact, which requires special training and sensitivity on the part of our agents.


Empatha is experienced in three methods of gathering data from participants/subjects: Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI), Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI), and Computer-Assisted Self Interviewing (CASI). We also have experience with coding the data for analysis.

Curriculum Design and Implementation

Empatha has over 30 years experience designing and implementing training programs and curricula. We have designed training programs for many organizations, including:

  • Girl Scouts of America
  • State of Rhode Island
  • State of Texas
  • University of North Carolina School of Nursing
  • University of North Carolina School of Public Health
  • National Hotline of Haiti
  • Technical Assistance Programs

Technical Assistance Programs

Technical assistance is available on a variety of topics including customer service, contact center management, advocacy, strategic planning, and quality assurance programs.

Direct Consumer Response

Our 24/7 multichannel interaction center can support your marketing efforts. Whether it’s a new product launch or a new ad campaign, we can support your program with:

  • Survey data collection
  • Call statistics reporting
  • Media response information
  • Data link for fulfillment
  • Social media management

From 2000-2004, ASHA staff answered 1,128,000 inquiries per year on average in support of 15 projects for a variety of clients. We have extensive experience in managing call fluctuations associated with media story driven crises, advertising driven call spikes, and predictable seasonal variation in call patterns due to disease cycles and other external factors. If your organization requires assistance in handling health communications inquiries and response, test-results communication services, research study enrollments, or other customer service issues, Empatha is positioned to serve your customers and meet your needs.

Educational, Promotional and Study Support Materials

ASHA has a distinguished history of producing outstanding and award winning educational materials. In addition to printed materials, the organization has produced video and audiotapes, slide shows, and conference display materials, and are experienced in working with broadcasters. Conducts comprehensive market research to identify gaps in information resources to develop materials appropriate for the intended audiences. All educational materials are reviewed for technical accuracy by established leaders in the subject’s given field such as adolescent health.

Empatha can develop content, design, produce and distribute client support materials. Examples of materials include study recruitment brochures and participant questionnaires.

Conference Services

Planning a conference and need help? Empatha can assist with conference planning, conference material design, registration and distribution of evaluation materials after the conference.

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